Good Luck in the Infinite Abyss

black canyon of the gunnison

Of all the places I’ve traveled, black canyon was surely the most immense and imposing. I really recommend that everyone go there at some point in their life. It’s a great place to hike around with your eyes wide open in awe. Though I would’ve liked to spend more time in this amazing place, I’ll admit that my family and I only spent a few hours driving around the park, hitting all the lookout areas. Nevertheless, that was more than enough time for the canyon to leave its impression on me.

The canyon is 2,722 feet at its deepest and 40 feet wide at is narrowest. This combination of narrowness and depth makes the canyon unique and striking. The sheer cliffs and geometric designs of the cliffs are severely beautiful, and the feeling you get staring down into the abyss is inexplicable.

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